When can I start swimming with my baby?

There is no hard and fast rule about when it is recommended to start swimming. For mothers, we  believe it the right time to start is when they feel that they are ready after their six week post natal  check. We also advise mothers to consult a health professional for further advice.

Early exposure to water is strongly recommended as it encourages the desire to swim, whilst reducing the chances of a child developing aquaphobia. Young babies possess a natural ability to hold their breath underwater, known as the "mammalian diving response". It is a reflex action and it is therefore wise to encourage this early on and make swimming and safe "water-play" part of your child's normal life activities.



Will my child be able to swim?

Children under three years old lack the muscle power, co-ordination and the motor-skills to hold their head above the water surface and breathe, therefore, they are too young to learn the more structured swimming and breathing techniques required to master swimming strokes.

Aquakiddies/Babies classes are designed to harness a baby's natural ability to hold their breath whilst underwater and to promote freestyle strokes. Aquakiddies/Babies classes are designed to teach your baby to be "water-safe".


Must my baby have completed all immunisations before joining Aquakiddies/Aquababies?

We do not require babies to have been immunised before attending classes. This is based on the recommendations of the NHS Direct website (www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk) and the STA (www.sta.co.uk).

There is no evidence to support the view that immunisation is essential before swimming. A study carried out in Cologne in 1997 showed that there was no greater incidence of infection in babies that swam compared to babies that did not visit swimming pools. The chlorine or ozone in modern swimming pools makes the likelihood of transmitting infections such as polio or tetanus extremely unlikely, therefore the immunisation status of your baby is not a major factor. However, if you feel you need further reassurance, ask the opinion of your health visitor or GP.


Do I need to book?

Yes! Our class sizes are strictly limited to a maximum of 12 children (plus one parent or carer). It is not possible for you to turn up at a class and pay the instructor. Click here to go to our online form or click here to contact us by another method. Bookings and payments are dealt with by our Head Office and not via the pool where you will attend the classes. Payment for the course must be received at least one week before the first class.


Why do Aquakiddies/Aquababies courses only last 5 weeks?

We have found that for a parent to commit to a longer period the child will invariably miss some lessons due to illness or other commitments. As the classes are paid for in advance and are non-refundable, courses longer than 5 weeks would lead to the parent paying for unattended classes.

Another advantage is that we are able to run many 5 week courses throughout each year - providing more choice to the parent.


Can I bring my other children along?

We do not advise parents to bring other children unsupervised.


Are Aquakiddies/Babies teachers Qualified?

Aquakiddies/Babies teachers are all STA and or ASA certified and have been taught and examined personally by our leading expert, Julie-ann James. All Aquakiddies/Babies instructors are fully qualified swimming instructors.


What should my baby wear?

Children not yet potty trained must wear a swimming nappy that is snug around the thighs and tummy. We are looking to avoid any accidents in the pool. These can either be disposable or reusable. We do advise you to use two nappies for babies, to ensure no leaks. Most pools require babies to wear swimming costumes also.


What do I need to take to the class?

Happy Nappy


Nappy bag, clean nappy & creams etc. Some Mums like to take a changing mat too.

A snack (or warm bottle if you are bottle-feeding) for after the swim . 

A towel, preferably one with a hood or a towelling dressing gown 

Swimwear and towel for you


What shall I do if my baby is unwell?

If your baby is suffering from a heavy cold or mild viral illness they should miss the lesson. Where a child is suffering from an ear infection, the infection should be completely cleared before resuming classes.


Can I get my money back for lesson missed?

Please note that we are under no obligation to refund your money or issue credits for classes in the event that you or your baby/child are unable to attend part or all of the course. Unfortunately, our costs remain the same if you miss a class or not.


Should I take my child swimming between classes?

Yes, it's a good idea to take your child swimming between classes. However, don't overdo it. One extra swimming session a week is sufficient during a course. If you are in between courses, we recommend that you take your child to a pool at least three times over any five week period to ensure they remember the skills they have learnt.


Can I get a refund before my course starts if my plans change?

No, the ratio is strictly one adult to one child.  Course fees are non refundable once you have booked onto a course and we are under no obligation to refund your money or issue credits for classes in te event that you are unable to attend.

Please be aware that the swimming pools are sometimes out of action due to circumstances beyond our control.  In such cases cancelled classes will rollover and continue after the pool is back in operation 


Can I take more than one child in the water?

No, the ratio is strictly one adult to one child.


Do I need to be able to swim?

No. The pools are all within your depth and your feet will be firmly on the floor.


Can anyone take my child swimming?

Yes, any adult can take your child to our classes. We are very Dad friendly and nannies, grandparents, friends and carers are all welcome at our classes. A mixture of people can take your child if you cannot make every lesson.


Can I adapt the class exercises when I take my child swimming?

Our classes and teaching methods are designed so you may continue with the lessons and exercises when you take your child swimming. Never add to or modify any exercise that you have learned in our class environment when you are on your own. That way, you will not only ensure the health, safety and well-being of your child but also reinforce the lessons learned during class.


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